More about Shaka D’akan

Shaka D’akan is a multitalented singer-songwriter and music producer in whose heart stirs a fiery love for music upon which he is developing a sound and career designed to take him to the highest reaches of success. He makes Afro Reggae – an emerging genre that is a special blend of traditional Reggae and Ghanaian Highlife, coupled with intellectual wordplay to constitute his unique style.

Shaka has created some of the most fiercely independent music to hit the airwaves by writing and producing atmospheric, energizing, and heart-touching rhythms that take listeners on an intensely personal journey.

Shaka’s authentic music touches on everyday life and experiences with a particular inclination to talking about love and affection, and thus his love for Romantic Reggae otherwise known as Lovers Rock Reggae. He is determined to pass on a powerful message that ‘you got to get in the grind to make it happen’, a belief that has inspired him to overcome numerous challenges in his artistic journey. Shaka always strives hard to produce the finest music he possibly can and diligently promotes himself across all digital/ social platforms including YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram where he has built a huge grassroots fandom.

He is now something of a poster boy on how to become a superstar in this era and an example of how the music industry assimilates new artists in these current times.

Born and raised in Africa, Shaka was only 15 years old when he discovered his passion for music, and started writing his own original compositions and singing them. He later moved to London where he lived for a few years before coming to New York City to pursue his education. However, Shaka could not ignore his calling and was immediately drawn to hanging out with musicians at recording studios and helping out with recording sessions.

It is then that he began working as a producer for leading artists which led to his first collaboration highlife album “Anopa Hema”, marking a turning point in his life. Having also showcased his vocal abilities through his debut songs “Love Ya” and “Cherie”, he is set to continue delivering positive vibes and motivate other artists never to lose sight of realizing their dreams.

Even as his body of work continues expanding along with his reputation, Shaka is passionate about helping pave way for other budding musicians who have been side-lined by giving them the platform to showcase their talents for the world through his production skills. He currently resides in Millcreek, Utah, and packs the talent and drive to take over the industry.

Along with his music career, Shaka loves hiking, listening to music, and spending quality time with his two beautiful daughters. He also enjoys hanging out at the ski slopes in Park City during the winter season.